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On-Page SEO

We make sure your website gets noticed by search engines. Our on-page SEO services focus on fine-tuning your content and layout. We carefully choose the right keywords, optimize meta tags, images, and links. Following the best practices, we aim to boost your website’s ranking and bring in more organic traffic.

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Off-page optimization

We help your website gain authority and climb search engine rankings with our off-page SEO services. We focus on building top-notch backlinks from trustworthy sites, elevating your online reputation. Our strategy includes social media marketing, guest posting, and connecting with influencers to expand your digital reach and strengthen your industry standing.

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Keyword research

We find the best keywords for your business through thorough research. This includes analyzing what your competitors are doing to stay ahead. We then carefully select strategic keywords to improve your online content and visibility on search engines. Our goal is to position your business for success in the digital world.

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Search Console Error

We offer a valuable Search Console audit service. We analyze your data to find any issues affecting your website’s performance and search rankings. Once we identify these issues, we provide tailored solutions to improve your website’s visibility and rankings in search engine results.

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Website Design

We create custom websites that focus on both SEO and user experience. Our services include responsive design for easy viewing on all devices and mobile optimization for better accessibility. We also add e-commerce features for smooth transactions and improved user engagement. Our goal is to build visually appealing and functional websites that enhance your online presence and deliver great results.

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SEO Audit

We thoroughly audit your website to find technical SEO issues like broken links, duplicate content, and slow page loading. We also look for ways to improve user experience and search visibility. After detailed analysis, we offer tailored recommendations to enhance your website’s performance and improve its position online

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At SEO Vikash, we’ve had the privilege of working with numerous clients across various industries, each with their unique needs and goals. While it’s not possible to mention all of them here, we’re incredibly grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with such a diverse range of businesses and individuals.

From bloggers and small business owners to fitness coaches and tarot experts, our clients’ success stories inspire us every day. They trust us to optimize their websites, enhance their online presence, and ultimately achieve their digital goals.

While we can’t showcase every client’s journey, here are a few testimonials that highlight the impact of our services:



SEO Vikash transformed our online presence with his expertise in SEO and website optimization. His thorough audit revealed hidden issues that were hindering our performance. Thanks to his recommendations and diligent work, our website now ranks higher on search engines, and we’re seeing increased organic traffic. Highly recommend his services!


Marathi Blogger

He proved to be an invaluable asset in my journey as a blogger. His expertise in website migration and setup for blogging was instrumental in ensuring a smooth transition and a seamless experience for me. With his guidance, I was able to migrate my website effortlessly and set it up for blogging without any hassle. I appreciate his professionalism and dedication to helping bloggers like me succeed. Thank you, SEO Vikash, for your exceptional service!


Fitness and Lifestyle Coach

Working with Vikash has been a game-changer for my online presence as a fitness and lifestyle coach. His expertise and guidance were invaluable in setting up my website to reach my target audience effectively. From optimizing content to enhancing user experience, SEO Vikash’s meticulous approach ensured that my website not only looked great but also performed exceptionally well. I’m grateful for his support in elevating my digital presence and helping me connect with clients more efficiently.

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